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Japanese cooking class for kids

Once a month I have a Japanese food cooking class for kids since 6 years ago.
It is taken place a private school in Manhattan.
Their age is from 7 years old to 13 years old.
We made three type of toasted rice ball called Yaki Onigiri.
Very tasty!

yaki onigiri 1 IMG_0176.JPG

yaki ongiri 3 IMG_0180.JPG
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Skype lesson

I started online private lesson via Skype.

It is for my previous student who had moved in Silicon Valley from NYC two month ago.
According to her, there are very few opportunities for her to learn private Japanese lesson in there.
Her goal is to work in Tokyo so that she will take JLPT test in this Dec.
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Study Chinese history with my old map in Japanese

Someone from China who studies Chinese history in graduate schools in the USA may need to learn the Japanese language. The reason is there are tons of great historical and journalistic articles about China in Japanese!
A huge number of our ancestors visited China to study their civilization and they reported it to help Japan a lot. That is why I get great used book from Japan for the students.


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Japanese Girls Festival

In my Japanese class for kids, we had a sweet snack cooking class for celebrating Japanese Girls Festival called Hina Matsuri.
The snack is made from a regular pancake mix but it is colored with green, pink and white.
The color is a specific meaning for Hina-Matsuri for wishing their luck and health.

Hinamatsuri IMG_0127.JPG
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Learning classic Japanese literatures is "a gold mine"

Learning classic Japanese literatures is "a gold mine"

I just started new private lessons for a graduate student from China.
The goal is to build reading skill for Japanese classic academic literatures.
She studies Chinese architectural history.
As you may know there are a lot of academic literatures about China written in Japanese.
From long time ago many Japanese people went to China and studied for their life time their great civilization and had reported them to Japanese government or the people.

It also helps a lot for modern Chinese people like my students who needs to study their own history from third person’s perspective.

However it would be very difficult even for Japanese native speakers like us to read many articles even written in 20th century.

Here are three main reasons.
First, they are written in many characters that we no longer use now.
Second, they are written in different grammar from our modern Japanese one even if it was written about just fifty years ago around World War Two.
Third, there are many differences between Japanese writing form and the speaking form.

That is why I am here to help you.
We have a good advantage as well.
It is that we can focus to build only Japanese reading skill. We do not need to learn conversation skill.

I had another graduate student from Yale University. She was also from China and had studied the forest environmental history of China.
She got a grant from her university for studying this.

Classic Japanese literature must be
a gold for you too!
Let’s go to the gold mine with me!
The adventure should be very exciting!

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